Our Processes

With constant review and refinement, we continue to improve what we do and how we do it, while meeting the changing and unique needs of our clients.

Our Approach

We believe that the application of a disciplined business methodology is the key to a long-term and successful security implementation. Our methodology links the goals of the security implementation with the governing goals of your business.

Business Baseline

We meet with you to learn your needs, objectives & business rules. This often includes an existing system that may be integrated for a seamless solution. This may also include integration of existing system, building management, IT, HR or other systems as necessary.

Development Engineering

We will help you determine what is possible given time, money and desired performance by providing technical vision for detailed design and implementation.

Design Engineering

Design engineering is highly focused around the detailed form and function on how the solution will take. Detailed plans/diagrams and CAD drawings are developed that include all technology and security system components necessary to deliver the final solution.

Project Management

Our project management life cycle comprises of four phases: initiation, planning, execution, and closure. Following this, we undertake a post implementation review to identify the level of project success and note any lessons learned for future projects.

Site Implementation and Management

We utilise proven practices to ensure that each solution is delivered on-time and within budget. We work with you to develop an implementation plan that minimises the impact to your customers and/or your business operation. Our professional implementation staff is sensitive to your work environment and will adhere to all safety regulations and site rules. Their goal is to deliver the solution as specified with minimal impact to your day-to-day operation.


A solution is not complete until NeXT Security has conducted detailed testing and commissioning on each system component and provided the associated documentation to you.

Customer Care

At NeXT Security, customer care spans the project lifecycle and across the entire client relationship. NeXT Security defines success as client satisfaction with solution performance. NeXT Security infuses customer care in our business processes from early client engagement through the lifecycle of the solution.


NeXT Security provides complete project installation, maintenance and operation manuals upon completion of the installation, and as-built drawings.

System Training

Required training materials are developed and support personnel are trained on product including the how-to, features, functionalities, and support as agreed.

Our training program is divided into three parts: Operator, Administrator and Maintenance Training. Each part is further divided into two sessions: Introductory and Advanced Training. Refresher training and telephone support are always available.

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