Intruder Detection

An intruder alarm system monitors and detects unauthorised entry to properties – homes and businesses alike - and alert the property owner or authorised third parties to an intrusion.

What is the System Recommended? Product Line Recommended
PIR n/a
Strobe and Sounder n/a

The best deterrent for burglars is an intruder alarm. Ultimately, an alarm system gives property owners the peace of mind they desire to protect their homes, families, businesses and assets.

The intruder alarm system comprises of detectors, control panels and communications devices. Detectors identify and react to specific occurrences including movement, shock, vibration, smoke, heat and flood. Different types of detectors are available, each protecting different aspects of the property. These include:

  • Passive infrared sensors (PIRs) detect people moving using infrared heat sensing,
  • Dual Technology sensors use combined infrared and microwave sensing technologies to help reduce false alarms,
  • Magnetic door contacts detect the opening and closing of doors and windows,
  • Glass break sensors listen for the specific noise of breaking glass,
  • Shock sensors detect attacks on doors and windows,
  • Smoke sensors can be connected to the intruder alarm system to detect fire

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